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Revital Agency came about in 2009. Our CEO, Jon Tsourakis, left his former company, once it became “too corporate” — it was time to stop sacrificing quality, excellence in customer service, and employee welfare for the sake of money.

And, it was the deepest part of the recession.

What if we could build something “made in America”? That would create jobs wouldn’t it?

But the fruit only grows as big as your own company can grow. We found bringing more purpose into what we do the most positive approach to business. Real people create results. What’s truly important is making an impact. We love a beautiful website just as much as the next guy or gal, but we know that when you’re straight with clients, execute great marketing, spectacular advertising and drive sales, companies grow.

We create badass advertising and marketing for companies that align with our ethos. Real results create jobs. They’re quality jobs. From law firms and hospitals to title insurance, HVAC, and technology companies, restaurant chains, retailers, home builders, and manufacturers. We’ve worked with good people in a myriad of industries, and continue to work with most of these clients today.

These days, we know what’s missingGenuine give a damn.

We take the time to understand your business. Some of our clients look at us as web developers, others look at us as an ad agency, some even consider us their outsourced marketing department. Regardless, our clients see us as partners, and that’s how we bring home the bacon.



Jon Tsourakis

Chief Executive Officer

Jon Tsourakis leads a team of marketers with confidence that’s contagious.

He left a lucrative position to follow his dream of opening a marketing agency. Jon’s a marketing architect with a passion for smart business logic and creative problem solving. He values clients’ time and talents, and has a knack for crafting effective strategies and applying technology to marketing systems.

Jon enjoys traveling the world with his wife, and days with his dogs.


Angela Diniak

Executive Vice President

Angela Diniak holds Revital together.

She’s the cohesion in creative ideas and superior organizational skills. Angela keeps everyone on task and adapts campaigns to reach more customers. She’s damn good at crunching numbers and in-depth analysis. Angela strives to push boundaries and reach past what’s known, because that’s where professional growth occurs.

She loves weekend adventures with her family, helping animals, traveling, and coffee time.


Derek Corneau

Web Coordinator

Derek Corneau handles the online conversation.

He provides the quirky comic relief needed to succeed in tough situations. Derek’s skilled at spotting a trend, and gets customers talking about Revital clients’ offerings. He’s constantly moving one step ahead of the interwebz with fervor rivaling the average millennial.

In his free time, Derek unwinds by reading, producing music, snapping photographs and riding his bike around downtown St. Pete.


Cassandra Kozak

Graphic Designer

Cassandra inspires with fresh, unique websites and alluring design elements.

She’s easy to excite when it comes to the next project and fashions pages and print materials with eye-catching graphics and sophisticated style. Cassandra’s full of energy that breathes visual life into Revital clients’ digital designs.

She’s serious about recycling (and saving the Earth), and spends weekends under the sun, with friends, and relaxing along St. Pete beaches.


Brandon Smith

Account Manager

Brandon Smith connects Revital to clients.

He’s an excellent communicator and keeps smiles on everyone’s faces. Brandon manages prospects and tracks deliverables with team projects. He meets with clients to ensure goals are met and expectations exceeded. Brandon’s people skills grew from beginnings in biology, comforting lab patients he stuck with needles.

He’s a fitness guy and avid Chi Town sports fan ready to hop a plane for the next game.


Eric Franklin

Lead Programmer

Eric translates code into compelling website features.

He’s well-versed in computer language and UX to perfect custom platforms for clients. With an astute eye-for-detail and strong technical know-how, Eric fine-tunes the functionality behind clients’ websites making them more easily accessible and user friendly.

Outside Revital, Eric likes watching Tampa Bay Lightning hockey, playing the game in a local league, and spending time with his wife.

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