7 Digital Marketing Methods

7 Digital Marketing Methods to Increase Organic Website Traffic

Get Marketing Tips that Drive Online Visitors to Your Website

Ready to increase your organic web traffic? If you’re looking to raise the number of visitors your website and pages pull in per day, then look no further than these seven easy marketing tips.

Apply this process to your SEO efforts for a better reach:

Do Your Keyword and SEO Research

Set the foundation for high volume traffic. You need better SEO (search engine optimization). The ability for you to reach an audience online is reflected in how well you perform in a search query. Are your customers able to see your company’s name near the top of the list? Is it readily available, or does it stand out from the crowd?

One of the most effective means to increase organic website traffic is to rise to the top of the search engine ranks. Yet this is also the most difficult to master due to the various algorithms and design standards of the wider online community today. Research and keyword analysis helps you diagnose the issue with suggested keywords that successfully perform at bringing leads to your pages.

Sometimes adding a keyword into a longer phrase or question your customers most frequently ask is the best SEO method. Others direct their research to observation of the competition and find out what works by borrowing topics and keywords on popular pages.

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Execute an Effective (yet Elegant) Web Design

Your web design can make or break your entire efforts. That’s because it’s the base of your online operations. And people will seriously leave your website in under 8 seconds if they don’t like what they see. This could mean they’ve turned back because…

  • The front page didn’t load in time
  • They were confused about what you do
  • Something they saw was off-putting
  • The navigation was frustrating
  • The pushy features were hassling

Avoid angering your leads by impressing them with an elegant and effective web design. You need a comfortable place for people to hang.

Grow an Online Community on Social Media

Now that you’ve set the foundation for a solid base of operations, it’s time to get social. Tell others about your new website, products, and/or services by setting up profiles on social networking websites. Each social media platform is different in that the demographics and sharing style vary. Social media is a chance to blast the latest promotions, online offers, and news pertaining to your company. Engaging your community with interactive content allows you to increase website traffic daily.

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Inspire Your Audience with Quality Content

Content is everything to online users these days. Your online customers turn to the internet to conduct research and keep things free. They don’t want to pay a thing, but know the information they need must exist somewhere online. When the do find exactly what they’re looking for, it’s more likely they’ll share it with others who need it, too. This makes them look good in the eyes of those around them.

In this way, the usefulness, shareability, and overall goal of a piece of content (whether it be written, video, graphic, or audio) distinguishes its reception from customers and ability to perform on your website. It also convinces them you are an expert (someone they can trust), so they want to buy your products.

Reaching Out for a Response

Which scientific law applies so perfectly to digital marketing? For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Thus if there is no reaction, you have not applied the right action. When you aren’t getting the desired volume or quality of organic website traffic, then remember that you are a person who has the ability to reach out and connect with other people, one on one.

Many who are trying to build an online reputation and increase traffic to their website do so by keeping these online networking tips in mind…

  • Building an outstanding online Authorship profile
  • Answering questions in Quora or niche forums
  • Setting up drip email campaigns and/or automatic responses
  • Securing strategic partnerships and guest posts
  • Getting to know industry influencers

Networking with the right people in your industry is a powerful means to advance your company forward to reach new goals.

Social Bookmarking & Indexing

Once you start publishing quality content, you’ll want to give it a boost. Instead of paying for ads, increase your organic website traffic by bookmarking posts and indexing pages yourself. Try websites that index blogs (like Technorati) or bookmark content (like Delicious). Using these websites allows you to add keyword tags to content so that others can easily access related articles with a search. This also helps to build better backlinks and climb in search engine ranks.

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Build a Reputable Backlink Profile

You should uncover the difference between a good link and a bad link to build a strong backlink profile. Securing links from high domain authority websites assures that your company receives a boost for each link. This is called a “good link”. However, any link that is from a low domain authority source or unreputable location may actually lower your search engine ranks.

Therefore, it’s best to build a profile of backlinks from high-quality, related pages to drive organic website traffic.

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