Set off on a digital marketing expedition by choosing the right path. Make it an Enterprise, Venture, or Epic to match the size or ambitions of your company. Revital’s your expert guide in navigating the tides and mapping the right direction to reach new business goals.


2 Agile Units

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5 Agile Units

1 Buyer Persona

1 Emergency Credit

Campaign Management

Content Marketing

SEO Management

Paid Search & Programmatic

Website Updates & Support

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10 Agile Units

2 Buyer Persona

2 Emergency Credit

Everything in Enterprise +

User Experience Mapping

Social Media Management

Sales System

Revenue Tracking

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20+ Agile Units

4 Buyer Persona

4 Emergency Credit

Everything in Venture +

Multi-Marketing Management

Recruitment Campaigns

Pass Through Pricing

Advanced Execution

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Undefined direction will trip you up. Explore all your options before starting, and outline a clear path to achievement. Your Discovery is a plan of execution with in-depth analysis and company research that’s exclusive to your customers and industry. We present a strategy.

Why Statement

Why do people buy your business? It’s not what you do, it’s why you do what you do. Believe it or not, your “Why Statement” is a fundamental reason why customers choose you. Building advocacy, engagement, and authority relies on the why — so why do you do it?

Core Values

Lacking passion? Solidify your core values. Your company’s core values are “virtues” that advance your team forward. It’s easy to accomplish more with everyone on the same page. We develop core values and reinforce a personality that brings home the bacon.

Unique Value Proposition

Separate yourself from competitors. What makes you better? Your unique value proposition is the true value you bring to the table. Your UVP sells more when applied to campaigns and taglines. We define a clear message to help you rise above the competition.


  • What are Agile Units?
    Don’t hold back. Agility in execution allows your business to make a bigger impact. Each unit adds more momentum and team focus to your digital marketing campaigns. Agile Units help you get an edge to stay on top of your game.
  • What is a Buyer Persona?
    Connecting with customers should be easy. Research and insight into the identity of your audience is the most crucial step in reaching the right people. With a Buyer Persona, we dig deep to find what makes your best customers tick.
  • What are Emergency Credits?
    Minimizing disruptions is tricky. It’s difficult to stop when you’ve gained momentum, so we budget friction with Emergency Credits. With each credit you have the power to request changes not outlined within your monthly plan or campaign.
  • What is Campaign Management?
    A trustworthy partner helps you save. Rather than charge more for print materials, images, software, plugins, etc., Revital offers our discounted rate (up to 300% off). Whether your budget is $100,000 or $25,000,000, we do not collect commission.
  • What is a Sales System?
    Selling is systematic. Going digital means you have an abundance of ways to track your sales process. Revital applies business logic and technology to multiply customers and map a clear buyer path that points them from beginning to end.
  • What is Pass Through Pricing?
    A trustworthy partner helps you save. Rather than charge more for print materials, images, software, plugins, etc., Revital offers our discounted rate (up to 300% off). Whether your budget is $100,000 or $25,000,000, we do not collect commission.
  • What are the Benefits of each Package?
    No matter the package, Revital’s team are steadfast advocates in your stead. Our digital marketing plans are customized to include all services that could benefit your marketing approach. Packages are set to maximize ROI.
  • What is the Length of the Contract?
    Reach for even greater goals. We have your interests in mind for the long term. Packages come with comfortable contract durations of 12-36 months or the amount of time it takes to achieve the agreed upon outcome.
  • What’s included in the Price?
    A smart budget grows your business. The price of our digital marketing package includes the total time and effort needed to achieve the prescribed goal. It includes the marketing campaigns and systems outlined in your strategy.
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